Greenville, Maine (Highlands Region)

Welcome to our epic Greenville, Maine Highlands region travel guide

Greenville, ME, is in the Maine Highlands region. Moosehead Lake, just north of Greenville, is the largest mountain lake in the eastern US. The region is dotted with lake views, coves with marsh habitats for wildlife, vast swaths of forests, and scenic vistas. Outdoor adventure abounds here and beckons you into the bliss of all that lies outside.  

Moose at Moosehead Lake, ME
Moose Spotted Near Moosehead Lake, ME

Things To See in Greenville, Maine Highlands Region

Greenville, Maine and the surrounding Highlands Region were some of the most beautiful country that we have seen in our travels so far! The area was an outdoor adventure paradise, with so many options to choose from. 

Katahdin Steamboat Cruise– Dancing, brunch, or brews, there is a cruise for you at Katahdin Steamboat Cruises. 

Seaplane Scenic TourThe lake is the runway to Jack’s Air Service seaplane tours for as little as $50 per person.

ATV Rentals/Tours– If you’ve never ridden an ATV, now is the time. They are so fun (when ridden safely) and a great way to see the stunning lands of the region. So go off-road, with Maine Outfitters. 

Canoe & Kayak– Some of the most amazing little coves teeming with wildlife can be seen on a water excursion via a canoe or kayak with Maine Outfitter rentals. 

Camp– There is no need to pack up your gear when you can let Maine Outfitter provide all the essentials. All you have to do is bring the S’mores! 

Horse Trail Rides– Horses are amazing creatures, and it’s so fun to ride through the backwoods of Maine with Rockies Golden Acres Farm. 

Mount Kineo Golf Course– Play 9 or 18 holes of golf at the Mount Kineo Golf Course, in this unique natural setting, or take the daily shuttle service to Mt. Kineo for a hike.

Mount Kineo State ParkHike the scenic trails, take in the 360-degree views from the fire watch tower, now an observation tower, or rock climb the face of Mt. Kineo at Mt. Kineo State Park, taking the daily shuttle service from Mount Kineo Golf Course.

B52 Crash Site Tour– If you’re a plane hobbyist, this B52 crash is likely memorialized in your mind, and with North East Whitewater, you will have an opportunity to have a guided informational tour of the site.

Whitewater Rafting– The water will be cool/cold but often refreshing after a long paddle with North East Whitewater. While rafting, we saw three eagles, ducks, and other wildlife.

Ice Cave– Descend into the glacial earth that created this cave, thick with ice even in the summer heat at Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area. There is a metal ladder to climb down, a rope inside the cave, but it is considered strenuous and should not be attempted alone. 

Moose Watching Tour– By boat, seaplane, or Jeep, you can hope to see a moose or other wildlife, but you won’t be disappointed with the scenery or the customer service at the Birches Resort.

Jeep Wildlife Tour– We loved the Jeep tour booked through the Birches Resort, with the wind in our hair, and feeling one with nature, as we drove back roads, backwoods, and into forests to find a moose.

Climb Mt. Katahdin– There are various routes to the top of the tallest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katahdin, for all skill levels (though all are considered strenuous) and time commitments at Baxter State Park. Make sure to pre-plan, make reservations for camping or a parking spot, and remember, there are no restrooms. You can also opt for a shorter hike that provides a great view of Mt. Katahdin.

Lily Bay State Park– On the east shore of Moosehead Lake, the 925-acre Lily Bay State Park offers a swim beach, playground, boat ramps, and a two-mile shoreline walking trail.

Old-fashioned Milk Shake– Operating since 1896, the Harris Drug Store, is the place to go for a milkshake from their old-fashioned soda fountain.

Scout Bald Eagles– If you’re a birder like me, no matter how many eagles you see, it’s not enough… so take in this eagle tour, loon tour, or private photo safari with Young’s Guide Service. 

The Grand Canyon of Maine– About 10 miles of remote trail networks through Gulf Hagas, often called the Grand Canyon of Maine, to see four waterfalls, and through a bridgeless 150 ft river gorge crossing, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wild wilderness.

Summit 6 Mountains– Take the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit challenge by hiking all 6 summits (Mt. Kineo, Number Four, White Cap, Eagle Rock, Big Moose and Borestone) in a continuous 48 hours and become an Ultra Challenge Winner receiving the “Ultra” badge.

Bar Harbor Weathervanes-Copper crafted weathervanes (showing the wind direction) are on display at the Bar Harbor Weathervanes shop, but to me it was metal art. 

Winter Activities

Dog Sledding– Take a private sled tour of backcountry Maine with a skilled naturalist at Lone Wolf Guiding Service. 

Snowmobile Rental– Maine Outfitter offers guided tours, perfect for any snowmobile skill level.

Snowshoeing– Maine Outfitter offers snowshoe rentals. 

Cross Country Skiing– The Birches Resort offers an unparalleled ski trail network with miles of marked and groomed trails with options for all skill levels. You can even book a private lesson, stay overnight in a Yurt, and relax from the day in the sauna and hot tub. 

Scenic Plane Rides– The Birches Resort offers a unique opportunity to see Maine’s frozen beauty from the air, maybe even a Moose, flying over their natural habitat, past rivers and lakes, and Mt. Kineo. 

Hike 6 Summits– Take the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit challenge by hiking all 6 summits (Mt. Kineo, Number Four, White Cap, Eagle Rock, Big Moose and Borestone) between January 1 and April 15 of the same year and become a Winter Challenge Winner, receiving the “Winter Badge”.

Big Squaw Mountain– Enjoy the frozen beauty of Maine, skiing Big Squaw Mountain with rental equipment and tickets

Fall Activities

Leef Peeping– View and photograph some of New England’s most stunning colors and fall foliage from mid-September through October at the Birches Resort via Jeep, boat or seaplane. 

Jeep Tour at the Birches Resort, Maine
Jeep Moose Tour, The Birches Resort
Seaplane Moose Tour, The Birches Resort, ME
Seaplane Moose Tour, The Birches Resort

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Places to Eat in Greenville, Maine Highlands Region

Gregg and I had a wonderful time taking in the sights and good food at several restaurants. Blair Hill Inn offered a great view of the Maine Highlands Region and the Birch Bark Bakery’s lemon bars still linger in my dreams. 

Birch Bark Bakery– “It’s all divine,” I said of the baked goods at the Birch Bark Bakery.  

Jamos– Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Jamos is family owned for over 70 years.

Blair Hill Inn & Restaurant– Atop a hill with expansive views and food you will want to savor, the Blair Hill Inn & Restaurant creates a memorable dining experience. 

The Birches Resort– Eating window-side with views of the lake, fireside, or while playing checkers, the Birches Resort offers comfort foods and decadent cocktails to start your vacation. 

Gregg at The Birches Resort, ME
Gregg at The Birches Resort Dining Room
Moose by Seaplane, Birches Resort, ME
Moose Sighting by Seaplane, Birches Resort

Places to stay in Greenville, Maine Highlands Region

The Maine Highland Region has many places to stay that offer views, solitude, activities, and wide open spaces to relax and release the stresses of everyday life. 

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake– Pet friendly, multi-course gourmet breakfast, views of Moosehead Lake, lavish comfort, nearby activities, and fine dining make The Lodge at Moosehead Lake an authentic Maine experience.

Blair Hill Inn & RestaurantStone walkways, stunning views, delicious breakfast, fresh flowers, luxury amenities, local activities, spa treatments, picnic areas, local dinner cuisine, and legendary sunsets make the Blair Hill Inn & Restaurant an award-winning Inn and truly unforgettable.

Greenville Inn– The Greenville Inn is an1890 historical Inn on the National Register of Historic Places, which boasts luxury suites, stellar views, mansion rooms, and private cottages throughout all seasons for a reasonable price.

The Birches Resort The Birches Resort offers lodging, dining, and activities all in one easy reservation, in a historic 1930s resort on 11,000 acres offering cottages, cabins, homes, and lakeside dining.

Moose Pontoon Tour, Birches Resort, ME
Moose Pontoon Tour, Birches Resort
Gregg on Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort, ME
Gregg on Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort

Seasonal things to see and do in Greenville, Maine Highlands Region

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Best In Show

The nature and wildlife in this region was outstanding. There are excellent accommodations, food and things to do, but as you will soon see, The Birches Resort just had it all! They had great lake-side accommodations, food and tours to keep us busy for days! If you go, and love them as much as I do, tag us on Insta @talesfromanuntamedsoul. We want to see your wildlife pics. 

AccommodationThe Birches Resort – If you only have time for one stop on your vacation or trip, The Birches Resort should be it! It’s got everything you need, including lakeside accommodations, peace, a boat dock and ramp, activities, a restaurant, and your friends witness the fun you’re having on their webcam!

Food Birch Bark Bakery – This bakery is so good they deserve their own adjective to describe how delicious their food is not to mention their great service, and a plethora of options.

Things to Do Moose Watching TourSee the real Maine by boat, seaplane, or Jeep, detouring from well-traveled paths to view wildlife. Getting to see a Moose from land and air for us was unforgettable. 

Mergansers Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort, ME
Mergansers Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort
Eagle Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort, ME
Eagle Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort
Loon Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort, ME
Loon Spotted On Pontoon Moose Tour, Birches Resort

Alise’s Favorites and Suggestions

  • Popular Moose hangouts to drive and discover 
  • Visit waterfalls 
  • Transportation – Need transportation on the river, lake, or from a day’s adventure
  • Indian Hill Trading Post is great for supplies, groceries, boots, clothing you forgot to bring, and outdoor equipment
  • Bangor IA is the closest major airport
  • Moosehead Laundry is a great place to wash bathing suits and muddy clothes before returning home
  • ATV Trails 
  • Snowmobile Trails 
  • Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing Trails 
  • Check the tide before you go 
  • Rent winter clothing 
  • Take U.S. 201 south from Jackman for stunning scenic vistas; just make sure you eat at the Birches before you drive, the dining options are very limited on U.S. 201 (we were so hungry we ate at a gas station in Jackman, that’s really saying something) until you get close to West Forks; we saw our only Moose on land on the side of this highway, and we saw two Moose on the seaplane tour
  • Remember to give Moose, especially a mother with babies, their space, otherwise they can become aggressive and death can ensue
  • Gas stations surprisingly close early; we had a hard time finding an open gas station from Bar Harbor to Bangor after dark, so fill up when you can

Day Trips

Acadia National Park One of the most visited National Parks in the United States, Acadia National park, just outside of Bar Harbor, Maine, offers unique landscapes and outdoor adventure tours. The carriage roads are for foot and bike traffic only, perfect for nature bathing.
Bar Harbor, ME Bar Harbor in Maine is a bustling harbor town filled with things to do from shops, restaurants, hotels and a myriad of adventure tours and equipment providers, ascending up into the mountains of Acadia National Park, one of the most visited and iconic National Parks in the United States. Whether you are local to Maine, or traveling from outside the state, our amazing things to do in Bar Harbor, ME travel guide will help you get the best out of your trip!
Camden, ME Camden and Mid-coast Maine- Camden, ME is a coastal town full of luxury, history, exceptional dining, and shopping. The mid-coast runs from Brunswick to Bucksport, along rocky shores of inlets, harbors, and islands, focused on maritime activities. Costal life revolves are the tides, views, natural beauty of the region, and how those elements are immersed into the experiences into food, accommodations, and experiences.

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