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13 Year Old Race Car Driver

Cheyenne Potter, 13 years old, from Lake Helen, FL, is wise, confident, and living a full life, grasping how a wrong decision at 100 MPH could cost her, her life. Her only fear is not living and experiencing all that life offers. She sees life and racing as a learning experience, to be a better person and driver. She believes anyone can do anything they set their mind to, and failure is just an opportunity to learn. As adults, we can make life complicated, but Cheyenne breaks living into the building blocks of living authentically and joyously.

Cheyenne Potter of Lake Helen, FL

Khalilah Hamlett, of 252HQ, in Wilson, NC

Destined to Love

Khalilah Hamlett, owner of 252HQ of Wilson, NC, was born to love others as her purpose and destiny. She beat to odds as a black woman and young mother, to create not just one, but two businesses, raising four children, and bringing her community together to celebrate black-owned businesses. Khalilah shares her journey through self-love, finding balance, living a full life, mortality, and being your own wildest dream. Khalilah’s perspective will leave you feeling ready to take on the world!

Overcoming Financial Domestic Abuse

Amanda Duncan, of The Selkie, in Wilson, NC, found her power and courage to leave her 16 year marriage of financial and domestic abuse to create two businesses, empower others to achieve their dreams, and is getting her degree to address inequity of all kinds in her community. Amanda shares her experiences of teaching meditation to prison inmates, the control and manipulation of financial domestic abuse, how the business she created allowed her freedom from government assistance, and how she plans to help others. 

Amanda Duncan, of The Selkie, in Wilson, NC

Scott and Kelli Keena of The Kandy Bank, Humboldt, TN

Risked it all for 'kandy'

The tale of how Scott and Kelli Keena risked it all to open a candy store, their dream, in Humboldt, TN. What was originally a retirement plan, became a reality in a few weeks as they sold their home, bought a building, moved their children, and opened the doors to their candy business in April 2021, a bright pink brick building, formerly a bank.

Pursuing Her Dream

Nichole recently left her job in finance to pursue her dream of owning and running her horse ranch full time, something she’s passionate about. Nichole candidly discusses how the role money, her definition of success, and her desire not to fail, played in her decision to leave her 9-5 job and run the ranch full time. She explains how she keeps things fresh, and ever evolving as a business owner

Nichole Rackliff of M&N Ranch, Dedham, Maine

How to Work to Travel

Everything you need to know about traveling