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    • I think we are so blessed to have an earthly experience, to enjoy the sensualpleasures that this diverse, endlessly astonishing existence offers.What better way to take advantage of the opportunity to be alive, in human form—with the gifts of sight,

    • In April of 2021 Gregg and I (Alise Saunders) set out on an epic journey! With no home to return to, having sold or gifted most of our belongings, with our two cats in tow, we stuffed what was left

    • In 2012, I moved my family hundreds of miles to take a job I thought would catapult my career to the next level—and had a big wake-up call. Though I had always been a serious, driven person who prized career

    • Gregg and I are manifesting big changes in the world, which can happen easily, as the universe is abundant and vast. Our purpose is to help others realize and achieve their wildest dreams through our blog and supporting KIVA, a

    • No self-confidence was harmed in the taking of these photos. I believe in loving all of yourself, something I’m learning to do more each day. When it comes to the photos posted on this site, I will not edit away

    • My nature detox changed my life and helped me heal my body. And it all began in the unexpected paradise of a charming horse farm in Humboldt, TN.