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Are you ready to become a digital nomad?

Whether you’ve decided you want the digital nomad life, you’re thinking about it, or you’re already on the road, you likely have many questions. Do you feel like you don’t even know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

There are so many questions that come to mind once you make the decision to become a digital nomad. In this FREE e-book How to Become A Digital Nomad, Alise, discusses accommodation choices, WI-FI options, work space alternatives, insurance, the gear you’ll need, traveling with pets, international travel and MORE! She provides many ideas for your own start up digital nomad business or that side-hustle you’ve been thinking about. The e-book is filled with resources like packing lists, courses, gear, apps, tours. There are even a few discount codes to get the best deals.

Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, calling Alise Saunders a thought leader in the digital nomad space, had this to say, “Author of the FREE e-book ‘How to Become a Digital Nomad’, Alise tackles topics like domicile, receiving mail and packages, medical care, what to pack, and overcoming limiting beliefs keeping most people from adventuring into this dream life.”

Live on your terms!

There are a million digital nomads and a million ways to be a digital nomad. The amazing thing about the digital nomad lifestyle is YOU get to choose how to structure it or live it with wild abandon. You can go all-in, like Alise and Gregg, with no home to return to, traveling 365 days a year. You can have a home base and travel a few times a year, or everything in between. 

“As we travel, I’m asked regularly, ‘What do you love about being a digital nomad?’ That’s an easy answer. FREEDOM! Not only am I living an amazing life, traveling, meeting people that change me, having new experiences, and eating incredible food with international flare, I’m living by my moral code, my choices, my desires, and in connection with my body. I continue to discover who I am and who I want to be. I’ve overcome so many fears, about money, safety, heights, bridges, attachment, and control. Like a boat in the rising tide, I’ve become more and more free, self-confident, and learned to trust myself. It’s been such a beautiful amazing journey. As I travel to other places, I find myself a little bit more in each one.”

How to become a digital nomad

Society has trained us that to become something we need the validation of an outside source. This is not true, especially with becoming a digital nomad. The truth is you become a digital nomad the moment you DECIDE you are one. Like any goal that you want to achieve, it first starts with a dream. What do you really want for your life? Who do you want to become? Once you know your heart’s desires, you must decide what you want. This decision requires your full commitment. If you kinda sorta want to become a digital nomad, it won’t happen. It’s your full commitment that will guide you through the challenging times of setting out on the road, or building your business, or finding the ideal remote job. 

"You have to claim it for yourself! There isn’t a criterion that determines when you’re a digital nomad. You have to claim it and start putting actions toward achieving what you want your experience to look like.”

Change is Hard

In the e-book How to Become a Digital Nomad, Alise addresses the emotional side of setting out on the road from money to limiting beliefs, and addressing how hard change can be. “As we set out on our travels and paired down our possessions to a car load or a few suitcases it was difficult, for Gregg more so than me, but it was still hard for me too. I packed the clothes I was going to take with me, and everything else in my closet was being donated. There was so much I was leaving behind. It made me wonder how I had needed that much to begin with; I only have one body. While packing up the rest of my house for donation, my emotions of attachment helped me see that my possessions had owned me, I didn’t own them. Without realizing it, I had been buying things because they made me feel full inside and gave me a temporary feeling of happiness. 

The more I had, the fuller I felt, but it wasn’t real. I was caught up in ‘having’ and ‘more’, but there was nothing of substance. Not having a home to return to made me really look at my beliefs about roots, safety, and stability. Years later I can look back on that experience and I can’t express the freedom I feel not owning many belongings or having those roots tying me down. It was an invisible weight I was carrying. Now I feel so free, so light, and yet so full, full of my experiences, self-love, self-trust.”

Still have questions? Want to speak to an actual person? Now you CAN! You can actually talk to Alise and ask her your questions.

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