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Our Photo Editing Policy

Alise Saunders Digital Nomad

No self-confidence was harmed in the taking of these photos. I believe in loving all of yourself, something I’m learning to do more each day. When it comes to the photos posted on this site, I will not edit away blemishes, grey hairs, wrinkles, dark eye circles, or yellow teeth, nor will I trim down, plump up, or re-shape my body. I want to exist and be seen as I really am, in my real life. I don’t want to put on a show for you. I will be creative with my photos and will have fun with poses and other elements of photography. Some of our photos will be shot raw, or unprocessed, and will require the addition of certain elements such as lighting in order to make the photo usable. Some images will be taken quickly on our phones without adjustment or will be taken by other people using their own cameras, and we may not know what settings they have on their cameras. Our intention is to portray ourselves as we really are.

Furthermore, we will not use any applications that manufacture elements like sunsets, rainbows, mountains, and the like, if they aren’t really there. We will not edit out twigs, electric lines, signs, or any other element that someone might deem “unpleasant” because my goal is to stop trying to achieve false perfection and accept things as they are without judging everything as good or bad.