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Alise Saunders at a mountain summit in Greece

Female Disruptors: Alise Saunders On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Alise Saunders sits down with Authority Magazine to discuss her disruptive path as a digital nomad. She discusses her path to creating her businesses, digital nomad life, and lessons learned along the way. 

I Make 6 Figures as a Professional Traveler — Here’s How I Got Started

For many, the idea of traveling the world and getting paid for it is nothing more than a pipe dream. But for Alise Saunders, it’s a reality. Over the past 900-plus days, Saunders has been continuously traveling across the U.S. and Greece with her husband and two cats. And she’s managed to build a six-figure income in the process. 

How to become a digital nomad

What is a Digital Nomad and how do I become one?

Most people push off traveling until they retire, when they may not have the energy or mobility to experience everything each country has to offer. Saunders said she would rather “live full throttle,” recognizing that those delayed travel goals may never come to fruition.

“I really feel like experiences and learning elevate who you are and create such a deeper level of gratitude and empowerment,” she said.

Alise Saunders leaves six-figure salary to become a digital nomad

Nearly 60% of Americans Dream of Quitting Their Jobs To Become Entrepreneurs, Survey Finds

“For me, I wanted to be in charge of my life and my schedule. I can work whenever it suits me,” said Alise Saunders. “In my corporate job, I felt powerless over my life, how and when I could live my life, feeling ostracized if I didn’t unprioritize my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Today, I can prioritize what’s important to me… My life is so free, inspired, and I feel empowered to live my life on my own terms.”

Digital Nomad Travels with Two Cats

Traveling with pets this summer? You might need this checklist

“Consider traveling with a blanket a pet may be familiar with, that they may lie on at home,” Alise Saunders suggests. “Having their calm scent on a familiar item can help them stay calm in a new location or while traveling. Saunders offered this new idea: bring along some of that blue painter’s tape just in case you identify any pet hazards upon arrival at your destination. “Painter’s tape can remedy pet hazards without leaving permanent marks and damaging walls or doors,” she said.

Alise Saunders Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

24 Entrepreneurs Share What They Would Tell Their Younger Business Selves

Don’t schedule yourself  I would tell myself to stop looking without and begin to look from within, to stop people pleasing, even my clients. I am not a victim of anything, including choosing clients that are the right fit, scheduling time for respite, not just work, and not over-scheduling myself. Being engaged with my life, an active participant rather than a spectator, has taken my business and my life places I never dreamed.— Alise Saunders

Digital Nomad Checklist

How to Become a Digital Nomad: A Checklist for Beginners

Embrace Uncertainty

If you can, try to embrace uncertainty as a part of life. While you’re traveling around, plans will constantly change and evolve due to circumstances outside of your control. In order to survive, you’ll either have to learn to live with that or abandon the digital nomad lifestyle. 

If this is something you struggle with, know that digital nomading won’t change that for you. As Alise Saunders, a digital nomad travel blogger, testifies, digital nomading can’t change who you are.

Travel Cash

Traveling Abroad? How To Access Your Money in an Emergency

Use Local ATMs

If you have a debit card on hand, find an ATM and withdraw money from your account.

“Cash can easily be withdrawn internationally at bank ATMs, instead of independent ATMs, with debit or credit cards, as the fees are much less and the likelihood of a bad actor skimming your card information is less,” said Alise Saunders.

Alise Saunders of Tales From An Untamed Soul

Digital Nomad Travel Blogger Alise Saunders Discusses How To Become a Digital Nomad

We talked to thought leader, digital nomad travel blogger, business and life skills educator, and multi-business owner, Alise Saunders, CHRM, talks about her life as a digital nomad. Alise explains, with no home to return to, how easy it is for her to work remotely, traveling with her husband, Gregg, 365 days a year, and how she helps others develop their digital nomad skills.
Alise tackles topics like domicile, receiving mail and packages, medical care, what to pack, and overcoming the limiting beliefs keeping most people from adventuring into this dream life.
Alise Saunders Digital Nomad

Alise Saunders- Searching For Happiness

In 2018, I left the corporate world to start a bookkeeping business.  It was so freeing to finally use my skills for my benefit. After a lot of hard work, I began to reconnect my emotions, feeling like a whole being again. I began to feel that I needed something more than the bookkeeping business I had built.

What was next? No longer was success defined as the validation from a job well done, and a large financial reward. Success was now an internal metric of happiness, fulfillment, excitement, desire, growth, and engagement, believing the money would follow. My search for the meaning of happiness was becoming clear, but I would have to do something braver than leaving that corporate job. I would have to listen to my heart.

Gregg and Alise Saunders in Ridgecrest, CA

Travel Bloggers include ridgecrest in travel guide

“Anything is possible,” says Alise Saunders. She and her husband, Gregg, are proof that major changes can be made to enhance one’s life. They hope their journey “inspires people to make changes in their own lives, to really embrace the things that want for themselves, not to give up, to believe that anything is possible.”

Podcasts that tell our untamed story

Alise Saunders Digital Nomad Life Coach

Is this it? Packing up her life to travel the world

In this episode we break down how Gregg and Alise decided to get on the road, how they manifested their travel dreams, being an entrepreneur that goes with the flow of life, why she loves working from Europe, what it’s like to live in Greece for 1 year, and how she broke free of the repetitive life cycles to fully live. 

Alise Saunders Digital Nomad podcast guest

Unlocking the Extraordinary: Mindset and Strategy for Living Your Dream Lifestyle

In this episode, we will delve into Alise’s expertise and personal journey as a digital nomad. We will discuss the digital nomad lifestyle, preparation and planning, overcoming challenges, choosing the right destinations. 

Work and Travel with Alise Saunders

Overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking societal moulds & Imposter Syndrome

 In this episode, we talk about leaving her home country, selling almost everything she owned, and finding a home in new countries around the globe. We also dive into failures as a digital nomad, challenges of going against societal norms and expectations, and so much more that relates to the digital nomad lifestyle and mindset.

Unleash Your Healing Potential with Alise Saunders

How I Went from Whole Body Numbness and MS to Traveling the World with Alise Saunders

In this episode, Lyn interviews Alise Saunders about her amazing healing journey from suffering with MS (including almost full body numbness), intestinal issues, and more to how she now is a digital nomad traveling the world with her husband.

Alise’s story is powerful and she shares about how healing trauma and unprocessed emotions were a very pivotal part of the journey.

Alise Saunders on podcast discussing digital nomad life

Creating a Wild and Free Life With Alise Saunders

In this episode, Alise breaks down why change is necessary to transformation, the many ways to travel as a digital nomad, and downsizing. “The things we love about our life happened because of a change in our life… I said I want this life so much I am willing to step out of my comfort zone. I want to blow my comfort zone up.”

Have a Seat Podcast with Alise Saunders

Breaking Down Digital Nomad Misconceptions with Travel Blogger, Alise Saunders

“Is this really all there is to life? So for me it was intentional. No, this is not what I choose. I need more, I want more. This is an opportunity for me to look and say who do I want to become? So when I took the time to envision the strong, amazing, free, wild woman that I wanted to become, I’m like how do I have ‘her’? There was intention there of this is who I want to become…”

Image is of Alise and Kate with a quote from Alise

Breaking Down Digital Nomad Misconceptions with Travel Blogger, Alise Saunders

“Is this really all there is to life? So for me it was intentional. No, this is not what I choose. I need more, I want more. This is an opportunity for me to look and say who do I want to become? So when I took the time to envision the strong, amazing, free, wild woman that I wanted to become, I’m like how do I have ‘her’? There was intention there of this is who I want to become…”

#132- Alise Saunders: From 6 Figure Salaries to 7 Continent Dreams | A Nomad Couples Life

What happens when the average weekly grocery runs and stable six figure salary job is no longer enough? Well, for one couple the decision was to step out of their comfort zone and start on a life of travel. For Alise Saunders it meet converting you business to one that allowed her to be a digital nomad. For her husband it meant retiring and finally deciding to take the leap into full time travel. From stories for walking lizards to jealous horses this was a fun conversation with a couple we gave up on a “normal” life to chase their dreams.

Tales From An Untamed Soul with Alise Saunders

While most of us live from a place of safety and fear, freedom is actually on the other side of those things that scare us. She cautions that our repetitive cycles of fear are limiting us from getting in touch with and creating our most powerful self. Once we redefine safety the we are able to pivot and begin to figure things out. There isn’t a step by step guidebook to your most amazing life, it’s a step by step journey taken daily with intention and curiosity. 

This Is My Moment Podcast

#26 Living an empowered life with alise saunders

Alise spills the tea on how she approached her husband Gregg to start traveling and sell their stuff to get on the road. She details how she and Gregg keep their marriage fresh on the road as they travel. Alise’s inspiring perspective on seizing the moment to live life NOW and not waiting until retirement to start living life. Alise also shares the challenges about traveling full time with pets. 

Alise Saunders Travel Blogger and Entrepreneur

Episode #56: Travel Blogger & Entrepreneur Alise Saunders Discussed Living the Nomadic Life

We chat with Alise Saunders about the catalyst for making the decision to sell all of their belongings and travel full time. Alise discusses stored emotions in the body, and how that can make you ill and how she practices checking in with her body and her healing process. Alise discusses living life to the fullest.

Alise Saunders Digital Nomad Life Coach

How To Manifest Living the Digital Nomad Life with Alise Saunders

We chat with Alise Saunders about the first Airbnb, traveling to Greece, insurance, limiting beliefs, and freedom and choice. This is a powerful podcast packed with inspiration to get in touch with your life’s purpose and living your life of freedom. 

Alise Saunders guests on The Beach Speaks Podcast; the image is of Alise Saunders in Greece

How to Live Wild and Free on a Beach In Greece: with Alise Saunders

Alise talks about her travels to Greece! She gives an update on how the cats have adjusted to living internationally, the amazing wildlife Alise has seen in Greece, including wild flamingos that brought her to tears, and how she finds the untraveled paths that provide peace.

The Beach Speaks Podcast

A Travel Blogger's Tale Of An Untamed Soul: with Alise Saunders

Alise talks about what is was like growing up at the beach, traveling to the Florida keys, dolphin hugs and frozen key lime pie. We also discuss the resort in Costa Rica that we both fell in love with, ocean kayaking and deserted beaches. Be sure to listen to the end where Alise tells me what they did to travel in peace with two cats who really don’t like change – you’ll probably never guess. I thought it was brilliant!

Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast with Alise Saunders

Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life

In this episode, we break down mindset, entrepreneurship, health and well being, freedom and fulfillment, travel and adventure, passion and purpose! “The gold is in the journey, in a collective society where we are destination addicted… let’s roll that back and remember that the earthly journey, the human existence, is about learning.” 

Episode 4: Alise Saunders That's What She Said TV Show

Alise Saunders Guest Stars on That's What She Said with Kimberly Love

Alise shares details about her relationship with Gregg and how Gregg agreed to retire early, sell their belongings and set out on the road. They also discuss Alise’s virtual business and travel. Don’t miss this episode. To view the entire episode: 1. Download Legrity TV app 2. Enter app 3. Click on That’s What She Said with Kimberly Love