Jackson, Tennessee

Welcome to the ultimate Jackson, Tennessee travel guide

Jackson, Tennessee, the mid-point between Memphis and Nashville, is a little big-town with all the creature-comforts of home. Enjoy great shopping and activities for the whole family with the help of this Jackson, TN travel guide.

Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park
Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park

THINGS TO SEE IN Jackson, Tennessee

What’s there to do in Jackson, TN? We had so much fun in Jackson. It was humbling to visit the sacred Pinson Mounds in the Archaeological Park, the shopping was first-class, and the culture was educational. 

Delta Heritage Center & Tina Turner Museum– The Delta Heritage Center & Tina Turner Museum, just outside Jackson, in Brownsville, TN, was one of the best small museums I’ve seen. They know how to do it right! They have displays honoring musicians often overlooked. The childhood school of Tina Turner, the Flagg Grove School, is on the grounds behind the main building. There are over 8,000 sq ft of exhibits, including some of Tina Turner’s flashy outfits, interviews, and concert performances. I was moved to see the exhibit space dedicated to artists that you don’t find in many music museums like “Sleepy” John Estes, whose last home is available for tour. Be sure to check out his cigar box guitar on the wall. 

Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum– Fun for kids of all ages. Call and make a reservation to see the collection at Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum. 

Casey Jones Village – Voted one of the top ice cream parlors in the US, Casey Jones Village is also known locally for their large buffet of southern classics, a great art shop showcasing works from local artisans, and a train museum honoring Casey Jones who saved many lives one fateful day.

The Shops at Jackson Walk- A quaint group of shops reside at The Shops at Jackson Walk, with handmade items and fun souvenirs. 

  • Garner Blue– Garner Blue owned by Lisa Garner, named after her, and her love of the indigo dye she uses, offers handmade and hand dyed textiles.
  • Grubb’s Grocery Store–  Are you a smoothie lover? At Grubb’s Grocery Store, get a smoothie from their juice bar or pick up fresh organic produce and meats. They have a wide variety of healthy food options to take or create your own dishes. 

310 Rosemont– Don’t think a small town can provide a refined shopping experience? 310 Rosemont does just that! With excellent selection for Men and Women it’s one of my all-time favorite boutiques. The On Cloud shoes are amazing, and they have a large selection. The service is personal, and the quality is great. 

The Shoppes of North Park- A small collection of boutiques, The Shoppes of North Park offer dining, fun farm-house gifts, and adorable baby outfits. 

  •  Hattie’s -Fine southern farm-house decor is what Hattie’s is known for. They have a great selection of fun and unique gifts. 
  • Mags and Lulu– Mags and Lulu had adorable baby and children’s children’s clothes, toys and gifts. We got a few outfits for Gregg’s niece and mailed them home. 

The Shoppes of Seven Three One-Unique home decor is the specialty of The Shoppes of Seven Three One, along with rotating items like purses, bath accessories, and more. 

Discovery Park of America– Discovery Park of America is a state-of-the-art museum offering an array of subjects, surrounded by heritage park, 50-acres of beautifully landscaped space to run wild or conquer the playscapes. Conquer travel boredom by listening to their podcast during your travels!

Tennessee Music Highway– Chart your travels along the 210 miles stretch of I-40 between Memphis and Nashville from one historic music landmark to another called the Tennessee Music Highway. It’s a great way to stretch your legs and learn about the history of music that influenced the world.

Gold Record Road– “…world-famous music landmarks, tucked-away locations and one-of-a-kind stops” from New Orleans to Nashville along the Gold Record Road or American Music Triangle. So prepare for an old-fashioned road trip of the musical kind! 

Cypress Grove Nature Park– An outdoor raptor (large birds like hawks, owls, etc) sanctuary for injured birds, Cypress Grove Nature Park allows them to remain in their natural habitat while receiving treatment and rehabilitation. A boardwalk through the swampland and Cypress forest is great for a little hike and to see the birds from. 

Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park– Seventeen mounds can be viewed at the Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park, created of earth materials by Native American hands dated around 400AD. Each mound was had various purposes like burial, astrological, and ceremonial. Walking these sacred lands is a beautiful experience. 

Reelfoot Lake– An 1812 earthquake caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards, flooding the forest and creating Reelfoot Lake. It is an unparalleled ecological haven for birds and wildlife. Be sure to look for Bald Eagles and wading birds as you engage in the many outdoor adventures available in the region. 

Buff City Soap– Expanding across the US, Buff City Soap is a fun place to shop, but also learn about the process of making soap. They have group activities like making your own soap and bath bomb parties for 10-20ish people, based on location (deposit and reservations required). Check out their other products like bath bombs, laundry soap, shower oils, and more. 

Century Farm Winery– Century Farm Winery is family owned, dating back to 1830. The wine making started out as a hobby and became an elite award winner. They offer Wine Slushes, Mulled Wine and other tasting options, even those for non-drinkers. They have a summer concert schedule and outdoor seating overlooking their beautiful winery. 

Buff City Soap, Jackson, TN
Buff City Soap Staff Making Bath Bombs
Garner Blue Shop, Jackson, TN
Garner Blue Textile Shop

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PLACES TO EAT IN Jackson, Tennessee

There aren’t a lot of non-chain restaurants in Jackson, TN, serving amazing fare. However, these three travel guide suggestions are top-notch. 

Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria– Pushing the boundaries of pizza making, Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria adds their creative twist to the art of pizza making. There were so many items on their menu that we wanted to try. We went back again and again, and it was delicious. They offer menu items you won’t find anywhere else. 

The Blacksmith– The Blacksmith, serving close to 90 years as a Blacksmith Shop starting in 1840, now a thriving restaurant serving meals for over 4 years. Dancing the night away with their live music nights and American fare makes this a favorite. 

Dumplins Bistro & Bakery– It feels like home at Dumplins Bistro & Bakery, located inside The Shoppes of North Park. They offer simple but delicious comfort foods. You must try their infamous cakes for dessert or order one to take home. They are also known for their homemade rolls. 

Century Farm Winery Awards
Century Farm Winery Awards
Century Farm Winery
Century Farm Winery

places to stay in Jackson, Tennessee

Finding a place to stay in or near Jackson, TN, is easy! There are several unique options on our list. Just remember, in this part of TN you aren’t fighting crowds, you are breathing in clean air, playing in open spaces, and opening that good book you haven’t had time for. 

Serenity Country Cottage Farm House– There are no words to describe what Serenity Country Cottage Farm House means to me. It’s a spacious, beautifully decorated house, with a heavenly porch overlooking a picture perfect horse pasture. I hope you’re lucky enough to watch a sunset from the swing with the resident dog at your feet, resident cat(s) in your lap while the porch curtains blow in the breeze. That’s the moment you’ll know you’re really on vacation.

Serenity Cottage Suite @ Serenity Horse Farm– The Serenity Cottage is a petite but spacious room, on the same grounds as the Serenity Country Cottage. This room has an ensuite bathroom perfect for a quick getaway. This cottage suite has its own fire pit. The wooded front and back offers a yoga tree house, and an old-fashioned swing hanging from a tree.

Green Frog Farm Bed & Breakfast Cabins– A step back in time at the Green Frog Farm Bed & Breakfast Cabins. The 100-year-old log homes (now cabins) offer a rustic historic setting with modern charm. If you dream of sipping wine with a good book from a claw-foot tub or spending a romantic night cuddling at a fireplace, this is the spot for you! Bring your own pole and fish from their ponds, pick berries at the berry farms, take the self-tour of the many historical buildings on the property.

Stillwaters Farm – Family owned and operated Stillwaters Farm offers unique accommodations, glamping in the Vintage Airstream or a 1,000 sq ft cottage. Inquire about the critter tour, candle making, cake decorating and pasta making workshops, and photo sessions. 

Great Wolf Lodge– A Great Wolf Lodge is coming soon to Jackson, TN. Negotiations continue, to build the hotel to spark tourism. It would be a tremendous tourism influx to the city for this project to continue to completion. 

Horses at Serenity Cottage, Humboldt, TN
Buddy the Horse at Serenity Cottage
Serenity Cottage, Humboldt, TN
Serenity Cottage

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The combination of Jackson, TN, and the other day trips can make a low-key, entertaining, and fun time away. The best in show selection spreads across the region, revealing just how amazing small towns can be. 

AccommodationSerenity Country Cottage Farm House – There is not enough I can say about our 1 month stay at Serenity Cottage Farm House through Airbnb, in Humboldt, TN, near Jackson, other than magical! The porch is a haven of serenity and peace, swaying on the swing snuggling with the farm cat with the farm dog laying at my feet, eating at the dining table on matching dishes with the curtains blowing in the breeze, overlooking the horses grazing in the front pasture as the sun shines golden rays across the grasses and through the trees, setting into a sea of pink, purple and orange. It was a place I healed, found relaxation, snuggles, and space. Inside, it was roomy and clean. The bed was like no other I’ve slept in, enveloping me each night into luxurious softness. We never turned on the TV because what awaited outside each night at sunset was far more interesting, though the TV was a very nice size. I am most grateful for the host’s generosity and kindness. Christine is changing the world one person at a time with her presence and compassion.

Food Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria – Making “pizza dough in house from scratch”, Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria hand-cuts every steak and flies in seafood from Hawaii weekly while also pushing the boundaries of pizza making resulting in a delicious experience. We went back to this restaurant many times to try their different pizza menu items. The bar hops on weekends so it’s a great place to meet friends. 

Things to Do Delta Heritage Center & Tina Turner Museum – There are several small museums or rooms inside, each with a different theme. The cotton room displays explain how cotton was grown, classified, weighed, packaged and sold. The Mastadon Fossils illustrate the creatures roamed West Tennessee about 11,000 years ago. The most impactful room was the one giving recognition to those like Dave Clark, born in Jackson, TN, composer, co-writer with B.B. King, “is considered the first African American record promoter and one of the earliest American record promoters of any race”, made more challenging in a time that radio stations were not “willing to play music by black artists or even allow entry of a black artist or promoter into the station”. Inside of a restored one room schoolhouse, now a museum separate from the main building, which was once attended by Anna Mae Bullock of Nutbush, TN, daughter of sharecroppers, who grew up singing in church, and is better known as Tina Turner. Tina’s career time line is recorded here from her personal and professional relationship as a young woman with Ike Turner launching her public singing career, her solo career at around 40 years of age, and how she quickly reached international icon status, with multiple Grammy Awards. Several stage outfits are on display, which emphasize her unique sexy style. The museum highlights artists impacting blues, gospel, rock and roll, and soul and others like Jim Steward and Estelle Axton, who created Stax record label, discovering “Memphis music legends Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Steve Cropper, Albert King, Rufus Thomas, Wilson Pickett, Luther Ingram, Sam and Dave, Carla Thomas, Booker T., and the MGs. Stax created and defined the essence of Soul music.” The Delta Heritage Society introduces to a new generation those that created and facilitated the music that influences us today, but is not seen or heard by mainstream society much as it was in its time and is still missing from music history classes but is in fact the actual history of music. 

Jackson, TN
Jackson, TN Mural
Cypress Grove Nature Park
Cypress Grove Nature Park
Delta Heritage Center & Tina Turner Museum
Delta Heritage Center and Tina Turner Museum

Alise’s Favorites and Suggestions

-Due to COVID call the venue directly, to check available times, and make reservations; many places were closed, by appointment only, or had different hours than those posted

Day Trips

Franklin, TN is an appealing blend of modern charm and Southern hospitality. The 16-block historic district is a great place to learn about the region's history. 
Humboldt, TN is the perfect location for your West Tennessee vacation, 12 miles from Jackson, 77 miles from Memphis and 124 miles from Memphis. In this middle-of-everything small town you will find upscale stores, delicious food that rivals any large city in America, and things to do for couples and families. The people were so welcoming, making our time there unforgettable. 
Jackson, TN the mid-point between Memphis and Memphis, is a little big-town with all the creature-comforts of home. Enjoy great shopping and activities for the entire family.
Nashville, TN Learn how the old-world history of whiskey making and Country music sounds meets new-world modern luxuries and the transformation of the honkey-tonk. Our Nashville travel guide will help you to experience the city at its very best.

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